While research gives direction to the thinking of the individual, it plays a fundamental role in the development of nations. In particular, the effects that globalization has had on every sector of the world in this regard have in fact become a stepping stone to the development of the individual and the nation. As a developing country, Pakistan has a lot of scope for research and the national as well as the private sector should move forward in this field. In view of this ambiguity, the first one-day video conference on “Globalization and Its Impact on Our Society” was organized at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University in collaboration with the Society for Social Sciences and Research Associates. In this conference, researchers from eight countries besides Pakistan presented research papers on the global, educational and impact of globalization on Islam. In his introductory remarks, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Akhtar Baloch, lauded the efforts of the Society in research matters and assured its cooperation in the future. Speaking on the inaugural session, Dr. Kamal Haider, Chief Patron of the Society, said that the government of the day and the HEC need to pay special attention to the sciences as well as the social sciences as the social sciences are related to human beings and no society is just infrastructure. We cannot progress by change unless the people living in this society develop mentally. The conference consisted of three sessions in which the session on Globalization and International Relations was chaired by Prof. Dr. Zia-ud-Din and Dr. Waseem-ud-Din, the session on Education was chaired by Prof. Dr. Shahida Sajjad and the session on Globalization and Islam was chaired by Dr. Amir Ta Seen.

Students from different universities of Pakistan presented their papers in this conference including Karachi University, Federal Urdu University, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University, Rafah International University Islamabad, Dadabhai Institute, KASBIT, Bahria College Karsaz, Bahria University, Jinnah Women’s University. Rawalpindi, Jinnah Women’s University Karachi. In addition, international research scholars presented their dissertations via video calling from Canada, California, Turkey, Nigeria, Bahrain, and Japan. In his concluding remarks, the President of the Society, Dr. Maroof Bin Rauf, outlined the aims and objectives of the Society and thanked the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Akhtar Baloch, for his cooperation in organizing the World Conference at the University. He also invited researchers and PhD doctors to join the society. At the end of the conference, shields and certificates were given.

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