The Organization have the following Aims and Objectives

  • The Society is a Research & Educational Association established to advance knowledge about the third sector (non profit organization, voluntarism & philanthropy locally through the encouragement of research in all relevant disciplines). 
  • Foster excellence in research and study of the Third Sector. 
  • Encourage the dissemination and exchange of information, ideas & Research findings about the Third Sector and promote discussions and cooperation among  researchers,  , scholars,  interested practitioners, government officials, policymakers and the general public concerning Third Sector matters.  
  • To encourage and to provide for programmes of education in systems thinking and application.  , •
  • To perform & provide for charitable, scientific, literary & educational acts and work. 
  • To encourage applications of systems thinking to solutions of specific problems in particular to help to focus research & promote efforts toward the services of humanity. 
  • Any other social services /programmes shall be arranged/organized in the interest of members and other locality peoples.