Under the auspices of the Society for Social Sciences and Research Association, in collaboration with Malir University of Science and Technology, the Second Virtual Global Social Sciences Conference on Globalization and Its Impact was organized at Malir University. At the conference, researchers from 5 countries, including different cities of Pakistan, read 45 research papers on various fields of social sciences including education, international relations, politics, media, religion, law, economics, finance, language and culture.

Addressing the inaugural session, Prof. Dr. Tipu Sultan, Chancellor, Malir University, said that the importance of social sciences is undeniable and the Society for Social Sciences and Research Association deserves congratulations for organizing this global conference. The World Conference has been held in a suburban area like Malir. He said that today the world is benefiting from the effects of globalization. So we also need to reflect on its positive effects on our society. Citing the example of Malir University, he said that Malir University has the honor of being the only university in the list of private universities which does not charge any fees from the students. On this occasion, he appreciated the efforts of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shahida Sajjad for the establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences in future plans, whose efforts have helped in popularizing education in the area.

Dr. Kamal Haider, Chief Patron of the Society for Social Sciences and Research Association, while highlighting the objectives of the Society, said that research is the way to discover the truth which paves the way for reaching the right conclusions. The purpose of holding a global conference under the auspices of the Society is to provide researchers with a platform where they can share their findings with other researchers around the world.

Dr. Lubna Ahsan of the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, in a lecture given at the Note Speaker Conference, highlighted the history of globalization and its importance in today’s world.

The conference initially consisted of two simultaneous sessions, one on education and the other on media sciences. Most of the papers were read in the education session in which the researchers described different perspectives of education in the light of globalization. Similarly, regarding the impact of globalization on today’s media and its impact on society, the researchers presented their research and its findings to connect participants from around the world through ZoomLink.

After lunch and prayer break, two more sessions were held in which researchers from international relations, politics, language and culture, Islamic studies, law, psychology, economics and finance presented their research papers.

These sessions were chaired by relevant experts from home and abroad. Among them are Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Nasir from USA, former Vice Chancellor of Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Prof. Dr. Brigadier (Retd) Muhammad Amin, Chairman of Education Department of Urdu University Dr. Kamal Haider, Former Chairman of International Relations Department from Federal Urdu University Prof. Dr. Waseem, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Safa University. Prof. Dr. Syeda Dawood Sahiba were also present.

The second speaker of the conference was Dr. Aftab Ahmad Khan from Longwood University, Virginia, USA. Who described globalization in modern times and its effects in the field of education.

Addressing the concluding session of the conference, Prof. Dr. Shahida Sajjad, Vice Chancellor, Malir University, said that today’s world has come together and it has made everything within our reach. While doing so, she presented a comparison between them which is very much appreciated by the audience. She also highlighted the methods of reading papers at the conference and the importance of humor in describing the experiences presented in this regard around the world. She thanked the team of the Society for Social Sciences and Research Association for organizing the conference. Explaining the effects of globalization in the context of science and social sciences, Dr. Maroof bin Rauf, President of the Society for Social Sciences and Research Has had a profound effect that researchers can introduce new dimensions to pass on the positive effects to the new generation and prevent the effects from getting worse. Introducing the Society for Social Sciences and Research Association, he said that in view of the importance of social sciences all over the world, this society was established three years ago to promote social sciences through research. He said that the slogan of the society is change through research and at present three research journals of the society have been approved in Y category by HEC. He also invited social sciences researchers and experts to join the society and enhance their role in the society. He thanked the management of Malir University for their efforts and interest of the participants in making the conference a success. The conference was chaired by Dr. Syed Shahabuddin, Department of International Relations, Federal Urdu University, Karachi.

At the end of the conference, certificates were distributed among the researchers and shields were distributed among the organizers.

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