The Society for Social Sciences and Research Association (SSSARA) held annual meeting for their regular members. They were briefed about society’s activities and future plans. The Dean Faculty of Education welcomed and congratulated the new members. According to him, the society was set up aiming at widening the scope of research and most importantly, to provide a platform to the researchers where they nurture themselves academically. In order to achieve this target, the society arrange different academic activities time to time.

Later on, Dr. Gulnaz Naeem, the general Secretary of the society, highlighted the achieved objectives and the recent activities of the society. Shebriefed the audience about the foreign and domestic visits of office bearers. According to her, the mission of the society is “Research for Change”.

She further informed thatthe three Journals i.e. Pakistan Journal of International Journal, Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Journal of Islamic Sciences were launched in the year 2018.

It was decidedto open memberships to increase the scope of research so that common masses can make the most of it. She highlighted the MOUs signed by society.

‘Young Scientist forum” (YSF)was established to under the guidance of Syed Muhammad Farukh. The purpose of this forum was to make research culture in the universities. The forumheld two workshops “Maximize your potential” at Federal Urdu UniversityKarachi and“How to Write Thesis” at Karachi University which was attended by young researchers of these universities. The forum YSF also arranged workshops “Economy of Pakistan in 2030” and ‘Fifth Generation War”.

Dr. Syed Shahabuddin (Assistant Professor International Relations FUUAST) put forward the future-plan of the society.

The chief guest Dr. Wasay Shakir urged to introduce the society on national and international forums. Furthermore, he is of the view that research should be done which has far-reaching effects on the society.

Finally, The President of the society Dr. Maroof Bin Rauf appreciated the incumbents of society and expressed his gratitude to the guests and members. He opined that the basic difference between two Urdu words noise and sense is of only one alphabet .The collective sense of the society is boasted only when scholars research work is produced a head. By this way Pakistan couuld be the developed country. The meeting was ended by providing shields to the lifetime members and distinguished members.It was also announced that society will establish a library.

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